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Tsunami Pure 5 Series 5-HP 1/2″ Regenerative Air Dryer (17 CFM)

Whether supplying air to your entire facility or isolating a specific tool or application, Ultra Series regenerative drying systems provide world class Tsunami clean air technology at an affordable price. Complete with pre-filters, programmable logic controller (PLC), and automatic drains.

Product description

Air filtration single most effective step that you can take to improve cut quality, extend consumable life and protect your plasma cutter.

  • Tsunami 17 CFM Regenerative Dryer System
  • Delivers very dry, clean air down to -80°F dew point
  • Pre-filtration to assure removal of water, oil and particulates before entering the dryer
  • Compact, Expandable Design
  • Comes complete with pre-filter, auto drains & mount bracket
  • Installs in minutes between receiver tank and piping
  • Great for mobile operations; auto paint, powder coating, etc.
  • Stage 1: Water Separator
  • Water and particulates are removed down to 10 micron
  • Stage 2: Oil Coalescing Filter
  • Oil aerosols are filtered down to .001 ppm and particulates are trapped down to .01 micron
  • Lowest operating cost & maintenance of any dryer
  • 1/4″ Inlet & 1/2″ Outlet NPT Connectors
  • Max inlet pressure is 175 PSI; Min 80 PSI
  • Requires connection to 120-volt outlet
  • Handles up to 150°F inlet air temperature
  • Float Drain
  • Automatically discharges drainage
  • Float type drain valve drastically reduces maintenance


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