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Turn your semi-automatic saw into a fully-automatic production machine. The Advanced Feed System will cut production time in half, virtually eliminating set-up time! Now, operators no longer need to use a tape measure or set and adjust manual stops.

This Auto Feed System (AFS) allows you to turn a Scotchman semi-automatic cold saw into a fully automated cutting system. The system automatically moves your material to position, clamps the material, and cycles the machine giving you a burr-free finished piece. Program a complete cut list to automate your process even more. This system has the ability to make manual cuts too, simply position the stop at the length you desire then manually fire the machine.  Made in USA.

Pairs with Scotchman’s CPO 350 PKPD & SUP series saws.

Product description

  • Fully automatic material feed system
  • Windows® touchscreen technology
  • Intuitive interface
  • Works in inches, fractions, decimal or metric
  • Fraction keys work as the “go” key
  • Unlimited storage space to save cut jobs
  • Able to switch between stop mode and pusher mode
  • Capable of miter cutting in semi-auto mode
  • Supports barcode operations and remote serial commands
  • Multi offset allows for multiple tool positions
  • Downloading of cut lists via built-in wireless networking or through USB drive
  • Carriage rides on linear bearing system
  • Planetary gear head, near zero backlash
  • Warranty: One year on parts (feed system)
  • Made in the USA
Lengths: 8′ to 30′ Working Lengths
Accuracy: Positioner accuracy ±0.008″
Screen: 17″ Windows® touchscreen
Storage: Unlimited storage to save cut jobs
Measurements: Inches, Fractions, Decimals OR Metric
Language: Multi-lingual
Feed Direction: Mounts: left → right -OR- right → left (must specify)
Voltage: 120 VAC
Functions: Auto Pusher Mode
Batch Mode
Incremental Mode
Set Point Mode
Auto List (Optimizing)
Automatic Sequences: Push stock to cut length
Consider blade kerf
Clamp the Material
Trigger the cut cycle
Release the clamp
Index to the next cut position & Repeat


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