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CNC OxyFuel Cutting System

The Arclight Dynamics OxyFuel Cutting System is an upgrade option we proudly offer on our ArcMax Unlimited Product Series. This system was compiled specifically to help you in cutting thick plate material at a cost effective price point.

Product description

The system comes equipped with a premium Harris injector type torch (1101465) with built in flash arrestor for maximum performance with alternate fuels. This three-hose torch provides increased control and provides the opportunity to work with low cost fuel and consumption rates to keep your operating cost to a minimum. Although we do not rate our table to cut beyond 3” capacity over the envelop of the table, this torch can handle cutting up 15”  thick material.

The system is outfitted with a conveniently located manifold to manually control pre-heat flow and a solenoid to easily switch to cutting mode at the click of a button within the Flashcut Software.

To keep your machine running and promote a safe work environment in your shop we have provided regulators and flash arrestors for two oxygen tanks and a regulator and flash arrestor for your fuel. In addition we have provided a tip cleaner kit, leak detection spray, and 3 sets of each tip size covering from .5” up to 3” material.

Be sure to check out our Set-Up video and documentation to help ensure you are cutting at a high quality out of the gate.


Additional components provided with this upgrade option include:

  • Qty. (2) Oxygen Regulators + Flash Arrestors
  • Qty. (1) Fuel Regulator + Flash Arrestors
  • Qty. (3) VVC 2/0                Up to .5” Material
  • Qty. (3) VVC 0                    Up to.75” Material
  • Qty. (3) VVC 0-1/2            Up to 1.25” Material
  • Qty. (3) VVC 1                    Up to 2” Material
  • Qty. (3) VVC 1-1/2            Up to 3” Material
  • Tip Cleaner
  • Leak Detector
  • 50’ of 3 Hose


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