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Flagler Sheet Gang Slitter/ Beader- Light Duty

The Flagler Sheet Gang Slitters comes standard with 3 pair of slitter knives. This unit is available in 3 models – 36″, 48″ and 60″ widths. A fully adjustable feed gauge allows for the slitting of any increments down to and including a 4″ wide starting blank. These Flagler slitters will slit bronze, aluminum, brass, and other materials as well as conventional galvanized sheets. All blade assemblies are fully adjustable over width of the machine. Micrometer adjustments on the main slitting arbor for fast, positive adjustment.

Product description


Capacity: Slitter, 3 cuts on 22 to 26 Ga.
Beader, 3 beads on 22 to 26 Ga.

Speed: Approx. 60 feet per minute.

Motor: 1/2 HP 115/1/60/60 RPM .

Drive: Roller Chain

Base: Arc Welded Steel.

GS-336 50″ long, 31″ wide, 34″ height. Feed Table Height 34″
GS-348 62″ long, 31″ wide, 34″ height.  Feed Table Height 34″
GS-360 74″ long, 31″ wide, 34″ height.  Feed Table Height 34″

Shipping Weight:
GS-336 535 pounds.
GS-348 640 pounds.
GS-360 745 pounds


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