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Flashcut CNC Upgrade

Flashcut CNC’s world-class CAD/CAM nesting software and CNC plasma controllers are among the most widely used in the plasma cutting industry. Decades of experience, superior features and tens of thousands of satisfied customers world-wide make FlashCut’s fully integrated CAD/CAM/CNC plasma control system among the best in the world. Please contact us for a shipping quote.

Product description

  • Powerful CAD with intuitive, and comprehensive drawing tools
  • Automated CAM with true-shape nesting and smart placement of lead-ins and lead-outs
  • Integrated Stingray® torch height control
  • Cut wizard automatically sets THC parameters based on material, thickness and consumables
  • Support for all leading brands such as Hypertherm’s®  Powermax®, MaxPro® along with Thermal Dynamics®  CutMaster®.
  • Automatic kerf crossing detection prevents unwanted diving during THC operation.
  • Support for multiple plate sensing technologies such as ohmic and pressure sensing
  • Smart 360™ hole cutting technology for cutting the truest holes in the industry – even with air plasma.
  • Work-Piece Alignment reduces material waste and decreases set-up time.


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