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Haco – Combicut

A unique combination of plasma cutting machine and robot that combines plasma, oxy-fuel, drilling unit and robot cutting.

Product description

A unique combination of plasma cutting machine and robot

The CombiCut comes with a standard Plasma and/or Oxy-fuel gantry cutting table. On the gantry, an axis can be equipped with a robot and/or a drilling unit. Any combination Plasma, oxy-fuel, drilling unit and Robot cutting is possible.

CombiCut workpieces can be used in several industries such as steel construction, offshore, shipbuilding industry, machine -and crane construction, road- and water construction, special 3D-pieces.


The graphical software is used to prepare the production and to generate the final program. The user-friendly software makes sure that the manipulation is easy and quick.

Starting from 3D CAD data, a virtual representation of the robot environment can be created. Trajectories can be created (semi) automatically or manually on the 3D drawing. After creating the trajectory, a program is made and will be sent to the robot. Importing a 3D drawing and generating the Robot program happens in a minimum of time.


During the cutting process, the THC unit measures the Arc Voltage and adjusts the Z-axis motor to maintain a constant distance from the sheet for optimum cutting results.Traditional automatic torch height controls require operators to periodically adjust arc voltage to ensure proper cut height.

Using HACO’S Techniques, the Plasma controller samples arc voltage andautomatically adjust arc voltage for proper torch height over the life of the consumables without requiring operator input.


Oxy-Fuel torch

One or more oxy-fuel torches can be mounted to the machine portal (mechanically connected with main carrier or individual motorized).

Each oxy-fuel torch carrier has an automatic flame ignition for the torch, as well as an integrated capacitive sensor that controls the Z-axis movement (by brushless AC Servo motor) for correct setting of the cutting height.

The Operator only has to select the plate thickness. Preheat time, cutting speed and gas selection is automatically set by the CNC. The required gas pressure is automatically set, and adjusted by the proportional gas valves.


  • Dual precision rack and pinion drive system with AC brushless Servo motors and planetary reductors
  • Hypertherm or Kjellberg plasma cutting torch with Torch Height Control (THC)
  • Latest technologies such as True Hole (R) Hypertherm and ContourCut (Kjellberg) are complete integrated
  • Multiple stations possible (Plasma, Oxy Fuel, Drilling head, Robot, Tube rotator)
  • Robot cutting: a unique combination of plasma cutting machine and robot
  • Automatic Arc Voltage adjustment resulting in a constant cut height of the consumable
  • Auto nesting: minimize waste material
  • Revolutionary programming software developed in-house: RoboStudio


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