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Haco – Robot Plasma Cutting Line

The RPC (Robot Plasma Cutting) system has been developed to be able to process multiple profile and tube types in combination with the processing of sheet metal. This unique capability has never been as integrated as in this system and needs no mechanical pusher/gripper setup whatsoever. Which results in a mixed production of all types of produce to allow a just in time production flow. The system was developed to support ultimate efficiency in the production of structural steel.

Product description

Technical specifications

Profile processing:

  • Min profile Length: 2.0m
  • Max profile length: 18.3m
  • Min thickness flat bar 25mm
  • Max height profile or tube: 419
  • Min width flat bar: 50mm
  • Max width profile: 914mm
  • Type: I, T, H, L- profile, flat bar and kind of tube round of box section within size limits

Sheet metal processing

  • Max. sheet size: 1.5×3.0m
  • Max. thickness: 50mm

System specification

  • Kjellberg plasma source 360A
  • Windows control with colour touch screen and network
  • Special part and program management software to support easy programming and just in time processing
  • Supported part source file: DSTV, STP (STEP), IGES from any CAD system


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