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Hypertherm Powermax125 Plasma Cutter

Delivering maximum power and performance for air plasma, the Powermax125® plasma system cuts thick metals fast. Able to make short work of the toughest CNC Plasma Cutting, the system offers a 100% duty cycle at 1″ mechanized pierce capability. It also gives you the latest technological innovations, such as Smart Sense™ technology to automatically adjust the gas pressure. Optional Duramax® Hyamp™ torch styles provide versatility for hand cutting and CNC Plasma Cutting.

  • Pierce up to 1″ mild steel (mechanized cutting)
  • Pierce up to 1.75” mild steel (handheld cutting)
  • Maximum 1.5″ mild steel cut capacity (Edge Start)
  • Interchangeable hand and machine torch capability

Hypertherm Powermax Plasma Cutters are in stock and available only for purchase with a Arclight Dynamics CNC Plasma Systems. NOT Sold Separately.

Product description

Maximum productivity

  • Finish jobs faster with cut speeds two and a half times greater than oxyfuel on 1/2” mild steel.
  • Superior cut quality let you spend less time on grinding and edge preparation.
  • Multiple, easy-to-use torch styles let you tackle a wide variety of jobs using the same system.
  • Fine cut consumables allow for intricate detailed cutting on thin gauge sheet metal.


  • Smart Sense technology automatically sets correct air pressure based on torch length and operating mode.
  • Handheld, straight machine and robotic torches for greater versatility and ease-of-use with your CNC plasma table.
  • Wide voltage tolerance improves performance on motor generators and in low-line conditions.
  • Improved shield reduces dross buildup and enables smoother drag cutting for a better cut.

Built and tested to withstand the harshest conditions

  • Duramax torches are designed for high impact and heat-resistance.
  • Spring Start technology ensures consistent starting and a more reliable torch.
  • Low maintenance for maximum up-time it keeps on going.

Low operating cost

  • Long consumable life for lower cost and more up-time.
  • Exclusive electrode end-of-life detection protects the torch and work piece from damage by automatically stopping power when the electrode is overused.
  • High power efficiency lowers energy consumption.
  • Hypertherm Certified™ reliability ensures peak performance even in the harshest environments.

Electrical Requirements

  • 3 Phase only
  • 480 or 600 Volts

Air Requirements

  • Minimum 60 gallon tank
  • 5 Horsepower motor or greater
  • 15 CFM at 90PSI
  • Air filtration and drying system


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