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The MSE1016 capacity is 16-gauge mild steel, 20-gauge stainless up to 121 inches in cutting length. the MSE1016 utilizes a simple low maintenance design, coupled with an array of standard features for an attractive combination of high value and solid performance. Standard features include a 30-inch front-operated 2x back gauge system and 4-edge high carbon/high chromium (HCHC) blades and precision bearings. The MSE1016 is available as a standard model or in our popular “Performance Package” configuration which includes a 5′ squaring arm, a pair of front support arms, and an air operated sheet support available in either front or rear material return.

Product description

2x Backgauge with Digital Readout

The MSE1016 comes standard with the unique 2x backgauge system. The design of the 2x allows the operator to position the back stop from 0 to 30 inches with only two rotations of the handle. The Speed of the 2x system is is unmatched with positioning speeds of just 2 seconds. With the combination of the digital readout for the 2x backgauge system, the operator adds both speed and accuracy to the job. The optional digital display shows measurements in 0.001″ increments. Longer travel ranges are available by request.

Sheet Support System

The optional sheet support system is recommended for gauging of thin material. With this air-powered support mechanism, one operator can effectively shear cumbersome, light-gauge stock. The sheet support system is available in two styles: System F is a front return support which drops sheared parts to a front chute for easy retrieval; and support System R which drops sheared material to the rear of the machine. Unlike competitive front return systems, with the MSE1016 you can cut materials longer than the standard back gauge length by deactivating the sheet support.

Squaring Arm

The optional 5 foot squaring arm is a precision gauge, which can be mounted left or right and has inlaid inch/metric scaling and adjustable guide block. Also available in 10 or 12 foot lengths. A toggle on the block lets sheet stock slide underneath, then pivots to the stop position.

Standard Independent Hold-Downs

Solid bar with non-marring urethane Insert

More Options

  • 10-foot squaring arm
  • Front support arms
  • T-slotted table (supports arms with inlaid inch/metric scales)
  • Material cart
  • Stroke counter
  • Protractor for angled cuts
  • Go-To ball screw driven back gauge
  • High speed motors for increased cutting cycles
  • Air-operated sheet support system (front or rear return)
  • Performance Packages
Capacity, Mild Steel 16 Gauge 1.6 mm
Capacity, Stainless Steel 20 Gauge 1.0 mm
Maximum Cutting Length 121 in. 3073 mm
Backgauge Range 30 in. 762 mm
Strokes Per Minute, Full-Length 40
Motor-230/460v, 3-Phase, 60Hz 3 hp
Number of Hold-downs Solid Bar
Floor Space, Gauges in Position 140 x 69 x 50 in. 3556 x 1753 x 1270 mm
Shipping Weight 4150 lbs. 1886 kg


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