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U-416 Finger Bending Brake

Connecticut bench mounted hand brakes are rugged, dependable USA-made tools. The model U416 is a heavy duty bench brake suitable for box and pan or straight bending in up to 16-gauge mild steel. The brake features a removable apron angle and apron insert permitting 1?4-inch reverse bends in lighter materials. The front to rear adjustment of the U416 allows for a wide range of radius bending. Standard equipment includes: an apron stop rod for repeat bends, extension handles and counterweight to help reduce fatigue when using the brake. Connecticut bench-mounted hand brakes provide an economical means of performing a wide range of sheet metal bending and forming operations. These brakes are of all- steel welded construction, readily adjustable and backed by an industry leading 3-Year Factory Warranty.

Product description

Weight 495 lbs
Dimensions 61 × 20 × 28 in
Capacity mild steel, 1-inch flange, with bending bar and angle in place 16 ga/ 1.60 mm
Capacity mild steel, 1-inch flange, with bending angle removed 20 ga./ 1.00 mm
Capacity mild steel, 1-inch flange, with bending bar and angle removed 24 ga./ 0.61 mm
Minimum reverse bend (bar and angle removed) 1/4 in/ 6.35 mm
Maximum lift of beam 1 1/4 in/ 31.75 mm
Finger widths 2,3 and 4 inch/ 51, 72 and 101 mm
Maximum depth of box 4 in/ 102 mm
Front to rear adjustment 5/8 in/ 16 mm
Bench stand (optional) 56″ long, 18″ wide, 26″ high


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