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Our companyNorthern Machinery Sales Inc

Resourceful, Invested, Responsible, Informative, and experienced.

Some of the ideals that we believe defines what and who we are.

Northern Machinery Sales began its journey in 2006, originally located in Auburn Ma offering service and sales of both new and used metalworking machinery specifically serving the HVAC, ventilating, roofing, and metal fabricating industries throughout New England in both public and municipal levels.

With a combined working knowledge of our industry totaling nearly 45 years, we are prepared to serve our client base!



Northern Machinery SalesOUR DIFFERENCE

Our business is born out of the trades that we serve, and so are our people, this equips us with the hands-on expertise to better serve our clients and enables us to tailor a unique per-need solution. We are all the same in the metal fabrication industry, but still, we are not!

Our philosophy is to create the greatest value for the dollar, without compromising the integrity of our proposals. We have orientated our machinery offerings around this very principle. Serving up nearly 50 different product lines with deep history of their own, products such as Haco Atlantic, Scotchman Industries, Lockformer Co, Norlok, Advanced cutting Systems, and Hyd-Mech band saws to name a few.

Dealerships and web stores are different! We are more than a 1-time buy business we are about the “Process”, we are well-rounded and equipped to offer the tools for the job but we also assist with shop flow design, machinery Evaluations, Logistics, Financing, Rigging, Parts, on-site service, and repairs. There are thousands of websites offering machinery, but that is All, we hope we have made clear the distinction. Our services do not end at the swipe of the credit card, but rather begin! we support our client’s decision to buy from us from the start to machine delivery, and all of the steps that occur in-between, phone calls, freight brokers, scheduling, machine ordering, & start-up where necessary, and so on, according to each need. Our aim is to provide our clients with a near hands-off experience, machinery can be complex but buying one or many, does not need to be, we value our long-term client relations as this is normally the case when outfitting entire facilities, this is almost always happening over a period of years not days, maintaining client records and keeping near zero key internal employee turn-over is key to achieving this, this has been our experience, we hope that you will allow this, to be of service to you!

We have learned that it is a rare case that a client within any one of the several metal fabricating disciplines ever purchases a single machine tool, we understand this and have prepared ourselves with nearly all the tools to comprehensively complete your fabrication facilities, we hope that we can make you apart of our experience, be it for sales, service, or even liquidation. It is our belief that Knowledgeable people are this way because they are often surrounded by knowledgeable people, we look forward to the opportunity to share ours with you.