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Gripnail 481 Dual-Head

Gripnail’s Dual-Head Fastening Center will double production and cut labor costs in half!

Product description

A foot pedal triggers both driving heads simultaneously or individually. Since both heads are easily adjustable, they can be positioned on the track to accommodate varying widths of sheet metal and different nailing patterns. The additional driving head minimizes the need to move the metal and reduces the need for working floor space. Shop air supply minimum 90 – 100 psi.

  • Impact Fastener – No Weld or Dwell
  • Foot Pedal Activates Either or Both Heads
  • Like Having Two Machines – No Down Time
  • State of the Art Electrical and Air Components

Power Requirements

Air Pressure 100 – 125 P.S.I.
Air Consumption 3 C.F.M.
Electrical 5 amps at 120 VAC/60 HZ
(For 50 HZ operation, consult Gripnail)
Driving Head Adjustment
12″ per head
Minimum Spacing – 12″
Maximum spacing – 36″

Machine Dimensions

Shipping Size
(L x W x H)
73″ x 40″ x 63″
Assembled Size
(L x W x H)
71″ x 32″ x 63″
Shipping Weight
(freight class)
890 lbs.
Shipping Class 85



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