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Gripnail® 660 Fixed Head – Mechanical Impact Insulation Fastening Machine

The 660 Fixed Head Gripnailer brings reliability to a new level. This machine has been evolving for the past 4 decades and the newest model, the 660 has taken all the best features fro its predecessors. Critical components are sealed and not affected by dirt, airborne particles, temperature or humidity. A programmable Logic Controller coordinates all machine function with more precision and reliability then reed switches. This is by far the simplest and most dependable mechanical fastener duct lining machine ever built!

Product description

Features Include:

Standard 5 Foot Throat

Fastens large duct sections, reducing material handling.

Visual Load Cycle

Quickly confirms component function.

Proprietary Drive Cylinder

Made from special alloys to withstand continuous impact.


Place between two work tables for efficient work flow.

Why Use Gripnails

A Gripnail is a unique mechanical fastener used to attach insulation to sheet metal. It was specifically designed to fasten acoustical duct liner to the inside of heating, ventilation and air conditioning duct work. This operation generally takes place when the duct work is being manufactured. Using a Gripnail prevents inhalation of fumes from welding fasteners through fiber and rubber liners.

Additional Features

Faster Than Welding

A Gripnailer fastens instantly to sheet metal. The 660 will always stay ahead of the operator.

Easy To Operate

Fill the feeder bowl with Gripanils, set the air pressure and step on the foot pedal. Drive up to 1,000 fasteners before refilling.

Uniform Fastening

Regulated air pressure and Gripnail’s own propriety drive cylinders, consistently deliver the exact same impact, for perfected fastening every time.

Programmable Logic Controller

Inside the control box is a PLC, which has been programmed here in the USA, to coordinate all machine functions resulting in the fastest and most perfected mechanical bond ever time. The PLC has replaced all relays, reed switches and timers.

Minimal operator training is needed for this machine which means maximum flexibility. The PLC also allows for minimum operator intervention during setup or job changes, all while producing maximum performance at industry leading speeds.

The PLC even has a diagnostic screen should a machine element require attention.

Double-Acting Load Cylinder

To keep up with the intense speeds of the PLC, double-acting load cylinders are standard on every machine. This ensures that each Gripnail is loaded at maximum speed without the danger of a component collision potentially possible with single-acting cylinders, which may lag due to its dependence on spring tension.


A high visibility power switch comes standard with a simple to use Lockout/Tagout feature.

NEMA® Type 12 Electrical Enclosures

To protect vital components from the rigor of most manufacturing environments, every electrical enclosure is rated to the National Electrical Manufactures Association’s Type 12 standards. This protects your investment from dust, debris, adhesive remnants and oil vapor from reaching operation critical components.

Large Capacity Feeder Bowl

The large capacity feeder bowl can accommodate a full range of pins from half inch to 2 inch and operators can control the pin feed speed on the control box.


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