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PowerPinner® 7300 – Field Duty – Portable CD Hand Welder

The PowerPinner 7300 is a Capacitor Discharge (CD) welder designed to fasten 10 or 12 gauge cupped head weld pins to galvanized sheet metal. It is light weight and the 15 pin per minute duty cycle makes it perfect for attaching duct wrap in the field. This welder weighs only 11 pounds and runs on 120 VAC current. Simply place the weld pin on the magnetic gun tip, press the pin through the insulation and pull the trigger to weld pins up to
4 inches long.

Product description

Features Include:


An advanced lightweight design, with handle, makes maneuvering the 11 lbs. power unit very easy.

Field Specific Duty Cycle

With the capability of 15 pins per minute, this unit is made for field application.

Input Voltage

120 VAC at 50/60Hz 10 Amp Circuit // 230 VAC at 50/60 Hz 5 Amp Circuit


Gun – 21 feet, #4 weld cable and #18/2 control cable
Ground – 15 feet, #4 weld cable, terminating in a C Style ground clamp

Gripnail Cup Head Weld Pins

For peak performance, it is highly recommended using GRIPNAIL’s full line of Cup Head Weld Pins. Available in three different cap sizes, multiple shank diameters, and a variety of lengths

Additional Features

Terminal Connections

Terminal connections on the capacitor are over 5/8 inches in diameter for a good seat on the terminal buss bars to increase reliability.

Intuitive Touchscreen Interface

An easy-to-use Touchscreen interface offers preset values for fast, accurate, and repeatable weld settings. Operation specific information and diagnostic indicators are also included should troubleshooting becomes required.

Socket Set Screws

The terminal connections on the capacitor have 1/4 – 28 socket set screws inserted into each one. The socket set screw is used to make the connection to the buss bar. This eliminates damaging the threads in the aluminum connectors of the capacitor, which ensures a solid connection.

Rigid Internal Construction

The unit is internally designed as a rigid construction, connecting all the internal components to the front and rear panels. This minimizes the opportunity of the components being affected by rigorous environments normally found in common applications.

Rugged Outer Case

The PowerPinner 7300 is mounted in a rugged outer case for greater durability, texture, and appearance.

Specialized GRIPNAIL Weld Gun

The GRIPNAIL Pistol Grip Weld Gun has a preset spring which applies the exact amount of pressure required to perfectly set a Cup Head Weld Pin. This feature is set and quality checked during its manufacturing and cannot be altered.
The weld tip uses a strong magnet to secure the Cup Head Weld Pin during application.

Optional: A non-conductive shield is available for applications using foil faced insulation. This compresses the foil face around the weld tip and prevents arcing or burn marks on the face of the insulation.



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